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Managed IT Services

ASD Consulting Solutions, LLC believes that small businesses should not be left vulnerable to cyber threats. We strive to lower the barriers of technical knowledge and financial costs required to maintain comprehensive cyber protection. Our ASDTech Managed Services are designed to maximize the technical potential of any small business without its own dedicated IT Team. We serve small offices, home offices, restaurants and non-profit organizations that rely on technology for their day to day operations. Some of our services are also available for home use to protect individuals and families that are concerned about protecting their personal devices.  

Endpoint Protection 

Cloud managed, AI-powered antivirus and Anti-Malware protection for Mac, Windows and Linux computers. 


Physical Firewall Device

Intrusion detection, virus and malware prevention, and web filtering for the entire network. 


Endpoint Monitoring and Automatic Patching

Proactively detect potential computer hardware and software issues. Endpoint protection includes the repair or replacement of critical system components such as hard drives and RAM.

Data Backup and Recovery

Local and cloud backups to quickly get systems back online and operating normally if the unexpected does happen. Office 365 and Google Workspace backup and recovery also available. 

Email Protection

Scan inbound and outbound emails to detect and prevent email-based attacks.

VPN and Remote Access

Enable secure access to systems and data while traveling or working from home so sensitive data is not exposed to the public internet. 


Password Manager

Cloud-based password manager to securely share logins and sensitive information among employees. 


User Authentication

Cloud-based user authentication and multifactor authentication to ensure your data is only accessed by authorized users 

Additional Services Available for Active Clients 

Cabling - Installation of data cables. 


Wireless Networking - Planning, installation and management of Wifi networks. Offer safe guest wifi without compromising sensitive information from your business. 


Server Administration - Management of local or cloud-based servers. 


Shared Storage - Setup and management of local network or cloud-based storage for sharing files and data amongst multiple users. 


Purchasing - Purchase and setup network equipment, computers, and peripherals


Custom PC Building - If you cannot buy the perfect computer then we can custom build a computer specifically for your needs.

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